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Sub Elimination

Equipment: Hula hoops, bowling pins and foam balls


This is an every-man-for-himself rotation game where the goal is to stay in as long as you can.



Arrange hula hoops around the gym. The number will depend on the number of children and the size of your gym (as well as how many hula hoops and bowling pins you have). You want at least one less hula hoop than you have participants, for example if you have 8 participants you might want 5 hula hoops, if you have 15 participants you might want 8 hula hoops.


You could arrange 13 hula hoops in this way if you had more than 20 participants

Place a bowling pin in the middle of each hula hoop. Have one player at each hoop and the remaining players sitting in a line off to the side. Each player's goal is to protect their bowling pin. They can knock over other players' bowling pins using the foam balls that you spread around. They can only throw the foam balls from inside their own hula hoop, but they may leave their hula hoop to retrieve a ball. Players may not touch or move the bowling pins or hold them in place with their feet.

If your pin is knocked over by a ball, you are out. If you knock the pin over by yourself, you are out. You would set up the bowling pin in the middle of your hula hoop and go sit at the end of the line. The first person in line would go to the station that you were at and the line would move down. The next time someone gets out, they go to the back of the line and the person who is in the front takes their station.