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Venom SnakeVenom Snake Group Game



Equipment: None


This game is a variation of Poison Frog.


Players sit in a circle. They close their eyes and put their heads down and you choose a player to be the Venom Snake by tapping them on the head. Everyone lifts their head and the game begins. If the Venom Snake sticks their tongue out at a player, the player falls back and "dies". If a player thinks they know who the Venom Snake is they say "Eureka!" When a second player also says "Eureka", they both count down ("3, 2, 1") then at the same time they say the name of the person they think is the Venom Snake. If they say two different names, they both die. If they say the same name, that person must reveal whether or not he/she is the Poison Snake. If correct, the round ends. If they say the same name but are incorrect, both players die.