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In the Pond



Equipment: None


This game is similar to Simon Says. It requires a circle on the floor of the gym, or one can be drawn outside on asphalt with chalk.


In the Pond Group Game

Players stand just outside of the circle on the gym floor. The leader will stand in the middle and call out commands. If the leader calls out "In the pond," all the players should jump into the circle. If the leader calls "On the bank," all the players should jump back out of the circle. However if the leader calls "In the pond," and the players are already in the circle, anyone who jumps out of the circle is eliminated. The same goes for children who jump into the circle when "On the bank," is called. The last few remaining participants are the winners. Another command that you can call out every so often is "Frog frenzy!" and players must hop around like mad inside the circle like frogs until you call "On the bank".