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Giant Hopscotch




Equipment: Chalk





Before you start, explain what hopscotch is and that there two types of squares: one-foot squares and two-foot squares. Also let them know that the squares need to be big enough to fit a foot. Give each player some chalk and then assign each player to a length of about 2 - 3 meters of sidewalk or tarmac in a long line. Have them fill their space with a hopscotch that connects to the ones on either side. They don't have to just use squares, they can use circles and ovals and triangles or whatever shape as long as it it clear where players place their feet and how they are supposed to jump. As they are working, make sure to help to younger kids keep their squares big enough as they tend have trouble keeping consistent sizes. 


When it is done, have them all come back to the start and try doing it one at a time. Don't bother with stone rolling, just hop the entire course. If possible, you could make it so the end curves back toward the starting point.