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Equipment: A large rubber ball


This game, also known as Soccer-baseball, plays out like baseball, but with players kicking the ball.



Set up pylons or mats in a diamond, or use an outdoor baseball diamond.

Split the participants into two equal teams. One team will start as the batting team at the home base. Have them form a line in the order they will kick. The other team should be out in the field, with a Pitcher in the middle of the diamond and one player guarding each base. The Pitcher rolls the ball toward the first player from the other team who is standing on home base. The player kicks the ball and then runs toward 1st base. If the ball is not a Foul, the team in the field must try to get the ball and and either tag the base or the player with the ball before the player reaches it. The player may additionally try to make it to the 2nd and 3rd base, and then to home. They are only safe when they are standing on a base or if they make it home. If the ball is a Foul, which means it was kicked outside of the diamond (the lines leading from home to 1st base and 3rd base) it is sent back to the Pitcher and the Kicker must try again.

Once the play ends (the Kicker is safe on a base or is out), the next person in line goes up to kick. There may only be one person on a base at a time, and players may not pass the player who kicked before them. So, if a player is on 1st base when the next player kicks, they MUST run toward 2nd base.

If the Pitcher rolls the ball to the Kicker and it is not a good roll (it goes too far to the right or left of home base), the Kicker may choose not to kick it and it is called a "Ball" and the Pitcher must re-roll. The Pitcher is allowed 3 Balls before the Kicker is automatically allowed to walk to 1st base. If the Pitcher rolls the ball and it is a good roll but the Kicker does not kick the ball, it is called a "Strike". The Kicker is allowed 3 Strikes before they are out and it is the next person's turn to kick.


There are different ways to award points, but in an organized group game the best way is to give a point for each base:

1st = 1 point

2nd = 2 points

3rd = 3 points

Home = 5 points


When a player is eliminated or makes it to home, award their team the appropriate number of points based on how far they got. Once every player on the batting team has had a chance to kick, tally up the points. Then the teams switch places. End the game after a few rounds.