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Chef's Kitchen


Equipment: Beanbags, 4 pylons and a hula hoop

Recommended Players: 12+


Place the hula hoop in the centre and inside put as many beanbags as you have. Put the pylons near the corners of the gym.

This game uses a smaller inner circle and larger outer circle on the gym floor. Most gyms have a circle, but not all have two. If this is the case, you can be inventive. Maybe use a pre-existing square or rectangle, or have 2 Waiters, one for each half of the gym.


Split the participants into 4 teams. I find in this game you can let them choose their own team, but encourage the older kids not to all go on one team or at least to accept some younger kids on their team. Have each team line up behind a pylon. Choose someone to be the Chef (usually a counsellor to start off). The Chef goes into the centre circle. He/she cannot leave the circle or step into the hula hoop.

When the game starts, the first person in each line can leave the pylon and is going to try to steal a beanbag from the centre without being tagged by the Chef. If they are tagged before they get a beanbag they go to the end of their line and the next person in line on their team goes out to try. If they are tagged after they have stolen a beanbag they must return the beanbag to the centre before returning to the end of their line and the next person in line goes. If they successfully get a beanbag from the centre and make it back behind their pylon without being tagged by the Chef they bring it to their group and keep it in a pile. Each beanbag is a point and at the end the team with the most beanbags wins.

Only one player from each team can be in front of the pylons at a time. The game cycles through players until all the beanbags are gone. If you don't have very many beanbags you can play the game in rounds, tallying the points when they have all been stolen then putting them back in the middle to play again.

After a little while amp up the game by adding in a Sous-Chef. The Sous-Chef is a tagger too, but he/she can only move within the outer circle. The Sous-Chef cannot leave his/her circle and cannot enter the inner circle. Make it even more difficult by adding a Waiter. The Waiter cannot enter the circles, but stays outside them. This means there is no safe place for the players. It is up to you whether the players can choose to wait behind their pylons, or if one person from each team must always be out "on the field" until they are tagged or steal a beanbag.

A note on tagging: The validity of a tag depends on where the Tagger is standing, not the person tagged. The Tagger may reach outside his/her circle to tag someone, and as long as both feet are within the circle, it will count. Therefore a player is not safe within the hula hoop, for although the Chef shouldn't step inside the hula hoop, they can easily reach in.