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Chuck the Chicken


Equipment: A rubber chicken

Recommended Players: 16+


If you don't have a rubber chicken you can use a ball or stuffed animal toy.




Split participants into two teams. Have them choose a team name. Have one team (Team A) start by throwing the chicken as far from the other team as possible. The other team (Team B) must run to the chicken and form a line, and then pass the chicken down the line going through the legs, over the head, through the legs, over the head, etc. until it reaches the end of the line. Everyone on that team must be in the line and pass the chicken for it to count. While they are doing this Team A forms a tight clump and has one person from that team run around the clump. The counsellor keeps a tally of how many times he/she is able to run around it before Team B chucks the chicken. Once the rubber chicken has reached the end of Team B's line, everyone on that team yells "3, 2, 1, Chuck!" and the person at the end throws it as far from Team A as possible. The circle count stops as soon as that happens and now Team A must run to the chicken and form a line while Team B makes a clump and has one run around it. This time the counsellor tallies Team B's laps until Team A chucks the chicken. The game naturally continues. Try to end it while kids are still having fun. Add up the points at the end, the team with the most points wins.

Make sure to explain it thoroughly before playing it and to do a couple practice rounds.